Where is PIOCAM 2018, the La Victòria Camping Site?

La Victoria campsite PIOCAM 2018 will be held on the La Victoria Camping Site, known as La Victòria, and is situated to the north of the island, on the Bay of Pollença, in the municipality of Alcudia. The installations are the property of the Balearic Islands Government who have supported PIOCAM from its beginnings.

La Victòria, the Victoria Camping Site, is situated in an idyllic spot. Surrounded by a truly Mallorcan landscape, the camp is bordered on the one side by a pine forest of incalculable ecological value looking onto the Mediterranean Sea and by the two beaches which open on the crystalline waters filled with life.

Views from La Victòria

In the camping area occupation is normally limited to 200 places. PIOCAM will be duplicating the occupation of this installation, which will entail for us as well as for the Balearic Islands Government, an enormous logistic challenge.

At the same time, taking advantage of the PIOCAM project, the kitchen and dining hall will be remodeled, as well as the construction of baths and showers. All this will permit a simplification of the infrastructure that is beeing mounted for the gathering in La Victòria.