What is PIOCAM?


PIOCAM2018 is a camp for scouts aged 15 – 18, organized by 4vents, Escoltisme i Guiatge de Mallorca with coordination of Eurotransit that will take place in Mallorca from 6th to 17th of august.

It will be a unique event that wants to be te nexus of about 600 teenagers from arround the world, where you will share new experiences, make new friends, discover new cultures and even other ways to do scoutism from arround the world. The event will count with more than 100 volunteers and organizers. We will also explore the island of Mallorca, it’s own natural landscapes, it’s society, food and culture.

Our catchword is “Dissolve frontiers to build freedom“. The new world is full of new troubles that need solutions as soon as possible.


See you soon!