Volunteers (IST)


Members of the International Service Team must be aged 18 at the starting of the PIOCAM 2018, be able to comunicate in english and be ready to do any necessary task during the camp.


IST  members will do basic tasks of the camps. These can be classified in three big groups: quartermaster, logistics and support. You can choose the group you want.

Even having a dedicated task, other tasks will appear and may need extra help from IST members.



The IST tembers are one of the most important factors so visitors can live a great, amazing, funny, and a secure experience. IST members will need to have leader   capabilities and working attitude. Moreover, they will need to be attentive and motivators.

As a IST member, you will have the following responsabilities:

– Information and contact:

  • Be the first contact point and collaborate with the subcamp team in any moment.
  • Make sure any task is succefully done.
  • Assume all the responsability when sharing information with your partner.
  • To ease tasks to activities responsibles.

– Practical questions:

  • Check that all tents and your area are tidy and clean.
  • During the PIOCAM, you will be the responsable that everybody wears their foulard and their ID unless it’s said.

– Health and moral:

  • You will be considered respectful and kind to the other people.
    • I’ll dress in a situable way in multicultural areas.
    • You won’t use offensive language and do actions that could be offensive to other people.
  • You will ensure everybody is making new friends.
  • You will be responsable of your acts and demeanor in any moment.
  • You will make sure everybody will know the camp rules.